Executive Team

Casey Plunkett


Casey Plunkett has been a Security Software and Services Executive since 2004, with 600+ Global Security engagements.  His Executive roles have spanned Oracle’s Consulting Practice, IBM’s Software Group and IBM’s Sales & Distribution unit.  He concluded his IBM career as Director of Global Sales: Tivoli Service Management, Cloud and Security Software Portfolios – a $1B annual business.  As head of Oracle’s NA Security Practice, Casey’s team developed an industry reputation as getting the toughest Security projects to successful go-live, as evidenced by their role in successfully leading the “Tech Surge” to stabilize Healthcare.gov (aka “Obamacare”), commencing October of 2013.

Barbara Gingrande


Barb Gingrande brings several decades of deep Database Security expertise to CrossGEN, with roles spanning Global Technical Presales leadership and Consulting Practice leadership, underpinned by several years of hands-on consulting.  Barb has extensive international experience (APAC, UK, Europe, Canada) across the following verticals:  Banking, Insurance, Life Sciences, Publishing, Manufacturing, Human Capital Management and Healthcare.  Over the past five years, Barb led the Database Security Assessments Program at Oracle, overseeing 500+ client assessments globally.

Bir Singh


Bir Singh is a Business and Technology expert with 20+ years of IT consulting experience.  Grounded in high integrity, Bir possesses a unique and deep understanding of the interrelationship between Business, Technology, Operations and Security.  As such, he can lead Security strategy discussions with Senior Management while possessing the people/process/technology insight to turn these discussions into go-live successes.  While a Lead Security Architect, Bir will go deep and hands-on with his teams, if necessary, to get the task completed.  As such, his client satisfaction is continually off the charts.

Tom Lafond


Tom Lafond possesses a unique combination of technical breadth and depth, fueled by curiosity and creativity – these latter traits make him an ideal fit for the Director of Product Innovation role.  He is an Enterprise Technical Architect with over 28 years of consulting experience, with a concentration in Database Security and Oracle’s architecture, applications and middleware products.   Tom has worked across the following verticals:  Financial  Services, K12, Manufacturing, HR, Professional Services, Public Sector, Federal Government, and Intelligence and Defense Agencies.