Consulting Blackbelts for

Application and Data Privacy / Protection



  • App / Data Discovery and Classification
  • GDPR / CCPA and Privacy Protection and Monitoring
  • App / Data Privacy and Security Protection Assessments

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design & implementation

  • Database Security and Protection Services
  • Web Applications Protection Services
  • Data Masking
  • Right to be Forgotten
  • Continuous Data Discovery
  • Rapid Start Protection Services

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  • Resident Engineer
  • Operational Monitoring
  • Security Analysis, Monitoring, and Maintenance

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Database Security Expertise

  • Breadth and Depth Across Data Security Solutions
  • Complex Problem Solving through Deep Technical Expertise, Enterprise Architecture Knowledge, and Privacy / Compliance Insight
  • Cross-Platform Data Protection Capabilities
    • Oracle, SQL Server, Azure SQL, DB2, Amazon RDS, Big Data, Data Warehouses, and Enterprise File Stores
  • Professionally Trained Consultants – all US-based
  • Hundreds of Clients Over Several Generations of Technology

Reduce risk

  • Successful Client Outcomes is Our #1 Goal
  • Holistic App / Data Security Solution Insight
  • Reduced Time to Value
  • Real World Implementation Experience
  • Innovative Technologies that Impact Business Outcomes

consulting benefits

  • Lower Cost to Market than Large Consultancies
  • Knowledge Sharing During an Engagement
  • Flexibility to Adjust and Meet Client Needs




Digital Identity Management, Data Privacy, and comprehensive Data Security are the lifeblood of the Digital Revolution. In the next decade, successful organizational transformation will embrace this premise.



Over the next decade, as organizations navigate the Digital Revolution, past, present and to be invented technologies will both clash and co-exist. CrossGEN will enable successful business transformation by helping clients to effectively manage Digital Identities and protect essential data – in this exponentially more complex world. 


An Engaged Organization

Over the next five years… the global marketplace is going to experience a radical transformation – that will impact every aspect of Society.



Management is about “doing things right”.  Leadership is about doing “the right things”.   Satisfied employees are there to “get”… Engaged employees are there to “give”

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