Client Case Studies

Public Sector Client needing assistance implementing multiple database security products over a multi-year project.


Financial Services Client implementing a larger enterprise wide encryption and centralized key management roll out. Our consultants assisted with the analysis, requirements gathering, design, installation and HA configuration.

Telco Sector Client migrated critical application databases to a more resilient platform, in advance of a major consumer product rollout.  Our consultants assisted in the design and implementation of an Encryption and Key Management solution; and knowledge sharing with the client support team.


Automotive Sector Client had recently migrated to a new IAM product release and was experiencing highly disruptive performance and availability issues.  Our consultants assisted in Root Cause Analysis, triage of the legacy IAM environment and designed and implemented a Lift and Shift migration to a replacement Highly Available/MDC IAM platform.

CrossGEN Insights

The scripts that are available at for implementing Database Vault on a PeopleSoft instance have not been kept up to date with new versions of the database and PeopleTools. CrossGEN Security has made the appropriate changes to the original scripts and has tested these new versions with version of the Oracle database and the PeopleSoft HCM PUM Image 25.

We are happy to share this work with you. Please send an email to and we will send back a zip file containing the updated scripts and documentation.

CrossGEN’s experienced consultants are available to assist you with your Database Vault deployment for PeopleSoft.