January 30, 2018

CrossGeneration Security is now in business with a focus on Data Security and Blockchain-based Digital Identity solutions.

CrossGeneration (“CrossGEN”) Security, an Oracle Business Partner, provides assessment, strategy, architecture and implementation services for Data Security and emerging, Blockchain-based Digital Identity solutions. CrossGEN’s services offerings help North American organizations secure their data across several generations of IT investments and to achieve regulatory compliance.


Casey Plunkett is the Founder and CEO.  Mr. Plunkett brings deep security insight across Legacy, Cloud and Emerging Digital technologies. Until late last year, Mr. Plunkett served as the Senior Practice Director of Oracle North America Security Consulting, where he built the world’s largest Oracle Database Security practice.  Prior to that he held Global Sales and Chief of Staff positions for IBM in the Security division and Software Group, respectively.  His key accomplishments include leading Oracle’s “Tech Surge” security team to stabilizeHealthcare.gov (“Obamacare”) and transition oversight of six global acquisitions.  He has been involved in 600+ Security engagements globally. 


“According to Gartner, by 2023, 90% of current global applications will still be in use.”, offered Mr. Plunkett, when explaining the genesis of CrossGEN. “Over the next decade, many clients will be reliant upon four generations of IT – z/OS, on-premise Java and .NET, Cloud and emerging Digital Technologies.  There is a need to weave a digital security fabric to protect all generations of systems in use at our clients.”


CrossGEN Security is assembling a team of subject matter experts who will help clients protect their past, present and future technology investments.  The firm projects strong growth in 2018, with rapid expansion of its service and technology offerings, consulting team and vendor relationships.