June 27, 2018

CrossGEN Solves Right to Erasure Challenge in GDPR

CrossGeneration (“CrossGEN”) Security LLC™ announces an innovation breakthrough:  an application and database-independent model that addresses the Right to Erasure(aka Right to be Forgotten) requirement in Article 17 of GDPR.

The global market has been challenged in finding an efficient, effective and economic approach to address the Right to Erasure(RTE) requirement in GDPR. Traditional Data Masking/Pseudonymization technologies do not adequately address the production environmentrequirements of the legislation.  This has led organizations to adopt manual approaches that are non-integrated, inaccurate and cost-prohibitive – ergo, deprioritizing Article 17 within organizations’ GDPR initiatives. 

In response to this market need, the CrossGEN R&D team has created an extensible architecture that scales across users, data and applications.  Plug-in algorithms within an adaptive process model remediate the RTE requirement, for both Packaged and Custom Applications that run on the Oracle Database (in Release 1), spanning any industry.  Users will have the options of outright erasure or pseudonymization in Production environments.  In a follow-on release, CrossGEN will extend this set of algorithms to other database platforms, utilizing a common code base – a Cloud-based service delivered under the Security X™ brand.

 “In pilot work on production PeopleSoft, we are executing automated RTE requests with 1/20ththe amount of labor required to execute manually.  We project this model to deliver labor savings exceeding $2,000/RTE request when compared with a manual process – or projected annual RTE labor savings of six or seven digits for a large enterprise.  Moreover, the CrossGEN solution provides real time visibility, approvals and reporting across key stakeholders in the RTE decision-making process; with accuracy, auditability, and integration into the enterprise Change Management process.”                                                                            

Casey Plunkett  –  CEO of CrossGEN                     

CrossGEN Security X™ Data Security Lifecycle solutions span proprietary and partner offerings. 

Core capabilities encompass:  Executive Privacy/Compliance dashboards; sensitive data (structured/unstructured) discovery, classification and mapping; and heterogeneous Data Protection, spanning cloud and on-premise environments.