March 11, 2018

CrossGeneration Security forms strategic partnership with industry leader Spirion

March 11, 2018– CrossGeneration (“CrossGEN”) Security is excited to announce its partnership with sensitive data protection software vendor Spirion™. Spirion is the leading provider of sensitive data management software to help organizations reduce the impact of a breach by automating discovery, classification and protection of all their sensitive and personal information. The Spirion™ proprietary, high-precision search technology can be used to discover structured, semi-structured and unstructured data residing in most environments; including on-premise, off-premise, IoT, cloud and more. Combined with Spirion’s automated classification and monitoring, executives can know the risk posture of protected vs. unprotected sensitive data at any point in time across their entire organization.


“The imperative to locate sensitive data – structured and unstructured…irrespective of location and vendor – has vaulted to the top of our clients’ priorities.  Spirion’s unique and best-in-class detection/mapping capabilities will allow CrossGEN clients to more quickly and accurately address the handling of sensitive data. This technology addresses the first step in protecting data and allows CrossGEN to provide an all-encompassing data discovery solution.”                   Casey Plunkett  — CEO CrossGEN


Organizations must know where all sensitive data resides, and how it is classified, to adhere to current and upcoming privacy and compliance requirements – such as EU GDPR, NYS Department of Financial Services Cybersecurity Regulation, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, ITAR and other regulations.


CrossGEN provides Data Security Lifecycle solutions to help organizations discover the location of sensitive data, classify that data, and design and implement a protection plan using processes, procedures and suitable data security products.


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