May 1, 2018

CrossGeneration Security Expands Executive Team

CrossGeneration (“CrossGEN”) Security LLC™ is excited to announce the continued growth of our technical leadership team. 

Tom Lafond has joined CrossGEN in the role of Director of Product Innovation.  Mr. Lafond has 35 years of experience across the following industries: Finance, Manufacturing, Federal and State Government, K12, and National Defense Applications Consulting. The past two decades he focused primarily on Oracle Technologies (Applications, Middleware, Database and Security), 15 years as an Oracle employee, with 70+ successful engagements.

“Advances in Digital Technology, along with new Privacy regulations, such as GDPR, have illuminated the emerging obsolescence of incumbent Data Security models and tools.  At CrossGEN, I have a unique opportunity to address some of these unmet needs through Security X™, an asset-led consulting model,” said Mr. Lafond.

“Tom is arguably the top Data Masking practitioner in the world.  He worked on my team for five years, where I observed his unique combination of technical depth, extensive client insight, curiosity and creativity.  Tom is the ideal person to lead innovation for the CrossGEN Security X™ solution portfolio.  Collaborating with Bir Singh, Lead Security Architect at CrossGEN, we will immediately unleash their talents in addressing a high market priority, based on our research: i.e. R&D that revolutionizes the Data Masking market segment vis-à-vis game-changing improvements in time-to-value, total cost of deployment/ownership and a “Template Factory”.  In parallel, Tom will drive product ideation to address emerging market needs around GDPR.”     Casey Plunkett  –  CEO of CrossGEN

CrossGEN Security X™ Data Security Lifecycle solutions span proprietary and partner offerings. 

Core capabilities encompass:  Executive Privacy/Compliance dashboards; sensitive data (structured/unstructured) discovery, classification and mapping; and heterogeneous Data Protection, spanning cloud and on-premise.