August 7, 2018

CrossGEN Now an Oracle Gold Partner

CrossGEN has expanded its relationship with Oracle, in response to clients’ requests to directly fulfill and consult across the full array of Oracle’s Cloud and On-Premise Security products and services. 

CrossGEN is a Data Security Firm, founded by a group of ex-Oracle Security “Blackbelts”, who worked on the company’s most sophisticated client implementations.  The firm’s heritage is world class consulting across Oracle’s Database Security product-set, extending into Oracle’s rapidly-expanding set of Managed Cloud Services. 

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June 27, 2018

CrossGEN Solves Right to Erasure Challenge in GDPR

CrossGeneration (“CrossGEN”) Security LLC™ announces an innovation breakthrough:  an application and database-independent model that addresses the Right to Erasure(aka Right to be Forgotten) requirement in Article 17 of GDPR.

The global market has been challenged in finding an efficient, effective and economic approach to address the Right to Erasure(RTE) requirement in GDPR.  Traditional Data Masking/Pseudonymization technologies do not adequately address the production environmentrequirements of the legislation.  This has led organizations to adopt manual approaches that are non-integrated, inaccurate and cost-prohibitive – ergo, deprioritizing Article 17 within organizations’ GDPR initiatives. 

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May 1, 2018

CrossGeneration Security Expands Executive Team

CrossGeneration (“CrossGEN”) Security LLC™ is excited to announce the continued growth of our technical leadership team. 

Tom Lafond has joined CrossGEN in the role of Director of Product Innovation.  Mr. Lafond has 35 years of experience across the following industries: Finance, Manufacturing, Federal and State Government, K12, and National Defense Applications Consulting. The past two decades he focused primarily on Oracle Technologies (Applications, Middleware, Database and Security), 15 years as an Oracle employee, with 70+ successful engagements.   

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March 14, 2018

CrossGeneration Security Expands Executive Team

CrossGeneration (“CrossGEN”) Security is excited to announce the continued growth of our technical leadership team. 

Bir Singh has recently joined CrossGEN in the role of Security Architect.  Mr. Singh has over two decades of experience in the IT Industry, with key roles at Oracle, BearingPoint and IBM.  His responsibilities have encompassed strategic planning, project management, information security and auditing, IT operations and process optimization; as well as the design, implementation and support of large scale enterprise Security systems.

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March 11, 2018

CrossGeneration Security forms strategic partnership with industry leader Spirion

CrossGeneration (“CrossGEN”) Security is excited to announce its partnership with sensitive data protection software vendor Spirion™. Spirion is the leading provider of sensitive data management software to help organizations reduce the impact of a breach by automating discovery, classification and protection of all their sensitive and personal information. The Spirion™ proprietary, high-precision search technology can be used to discover structured, semi-structured and unstructured data residing in most environments; including on-premise, off-premise, IoT, cloud and more. Combined with Spirion’s automated classification and monitoring, executives can know the risk posture of protected vs. unprotected sensitive data at any point in time across their entire organization.

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February 14, 2018

Special thanks to the Oracle Database Security team for giving CrossGEN the opportunity to share our enthusiasm about the latest version of the Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool!

In the following Oracle blog link, Barb Gingrande, who ran the Security Assessment program at Oracle, explains how the new capabilities materially address the use cases beyond Production environments (e.g. hybrid cloud, non-production and DevSecureOps) for the assessment of an organization’s database security posture.

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February 9, 2018

CrossGeneration Security LLC Expands Leadership Team

CrossGeneration (“CrossGEN”) Security is excited to announce the continued growth of our executive team. 

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January 30, 2018

CrossGeneration Security is now in business with a focus on Data Security and Blockchain-based Digital Identity solutions.

CrossGeneration (“CrossGEN”) Security, an Oracle Business Partner, provides assessment, strategy, architecture and implementation services for Data Security and emerging, Blockchain-based Digital Identity solutions. CrossGEN’s services offerings help North American organizations secure their data across several generations of IT investments and to achieve regulatory compliance.

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